Our workshops bring the expertise of NBEL Innovation Workshops to groups and individuals, ranging from academics and industry professionals to entrepreneurs and passionate makers. Courses are dealing with all aspects of design, fabrication, assembly and control of integrated circuits and systems. We are particularly focused on biomedical applications and robotic systems. NBEL is located in the most advanced medical hospital in the middle east - Hadassah Medical Center, at the beautiful and inspiring campus of BIOHOUSE.


Medical Prototyping

1 - 3 days hands-on workshop focusing on medical prototyping. This workshop is comprised of 3 sections: (1) Introductory session to computer aided medical design for rapid prototyping. We will discuss algorithmic approaches for mechanical optimization, physical modeling, integrated functional prototyping, and electrical design. We will discuss digital manufacturing including subtractive and additive manufacturing (3D printing) and smart materials. We will go through the fundamentals of rapid software integration, focusing on software management systems, physical programming, interface programming and rapid AI integration. Finally, we will conclude with an overview of medical design, focusing on tissue and bio-modeling (anatomy and biophysics), scaffold informatics and biomimetic design, bio-manufacturing for biological regeneration; (2) Digital medical prototyping session. Hands-on session where teams will go through mini-projects ranging from connecting muscle activity EMG sensors to the cloud and gesture recognition with accelerometers to heart monitoring and brain activity analysis with EEG. (3) Medical mechanical prototyping session. We will design a prosthesis using Autodesk Fusion360 for a 3D scanned residual limb of a patient, when focusing on user needs, FDA standards, building a physical prototype, designing for 3D printing and simulating the design for mechanical profiling.

Medical Innovation

1-2 days of innovation workshops, integrating personal experiences, videos and discussions on the future of medicine. We will go through the transition from the traditional compartmentalized disease-care to the present and the future of connected health-care. We will discuss data-driven medicine at the age of transformational data and state of the art technologies for continues-proactive disease prevention, diagnosis and therapy, focusing on the implications of micro-scale engineering on medical innovations. We will experience the merging of the virtual and physical in the medical field, focusing on surgical planning and medical education, reviewing the latest advancements of medical robotics, trends in the restoration and telecommunication of the senses, personalized medicine with recent advancements in 3D printing next-generation genomics, and the integration of artificial intelligence and acquisition technologies toward the future of digital pathology. Experimentally, we will go through a series of experiences including controlling objects with brain-waves, tracking body pose with artificial intelligence, travelling through medical-grade virtual human bodies, drawing in augmented reality and doodling with AI agents and connecting muscles to the cloud.

Brain Inspired Machines

1 - 3 days hands-on workshop focusing on brain inspired machines, or neuromorphic engineering - the science of realizing machines that could surpass the human brain, with some aspects of cognitive intelligence. In that sense, brain research bears the promise of a new computing paradigm. In this workshop, we will investigate this exciting new interface of brain-science, computer science and electrical engineering. We will explore the developmental consequences of artificial brains in robotics, medicine, virtual-reality, space sciences, and entrepreneurship. During the workshops, we will have the opportunity to program a real neuromorphic board - the ABrain circuit - using the first neuromorphic compiler: Nengo.
This workshop is aimed at diverse audience: from managers to experienced professionals.


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