Our courses bring the expertise of NBEL Innovation Workshops to groups and individuals, ranging from academics and industry professionals to entrepreneurs and passionate makers. Courses are dealing with all aspects of design, fabrication, assembly and control of integrated circuits and systems. We are particularly focused on biomedical applications and robotic systems.

How to create (almost) anything
This is our flagship 4 days - 12 week course

Inspired by MIT’s approach to train aspiring makers and professionals, we invite you to explore our state-of-the- art prototyping machinery and methods in a unique educational hands-on course.

Depending on course length, participants will be exposed to the following topics in varying depths: Introduction to computer aided design
, 3D fabrication and scanning
, Electronics Design
, Embedded Programming
 (Raspberry Pi, NVIDIA’s Jetson, FPGA), Cyber-physical systems
 (Interfacing with sensors and controlling motors).

Our lab has access to state of the art 3D printers, CNC machines, laser cutters and electronics.

Modeling and simulations
2-8 week course

This course introduces modelling and simulation frameworks, focusing on the biomedical and mechanical realms. The course is a hybrid of theory and practice, focusing on rapid deployable solutions for a vast number of applications.

Depending on course length, participants will be exposed to the following topics in varying depths: Computational fluid dynamics
 (lattice gas automata and Boltzmann modelling of fluid flow with Python
; simulation of the growth and thrombosis of aneurysms ), Models of interacting particles
 (fluid-particle interaction in blood flow with Comsol), Mechanical modelling
 (stress-strain analysis with solidworks).

Course can be delivered at a level appropriate for management, as well as for experienced professionals.

2-8 week course

Participants will learn to apply mathematical concepts to analysis, planning, and control of robot motion. Participants will build and assemble their own robots, as the course is designed to allow each participant to have an authentic robot programming experience with industrial robot manipulators and mobile robots.

In this course we will discuss: foundations of robot motion, kinematics and dynamics (robot simulation with V-Rep), embedded vision processing
 (with NVIDIA’s Jetson), motion planning and control.

Course can be delivered at the highest rigorous level as well as in a level of applied robotics.

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