NBEL provides expertise in the various fields of computer aided optimized design of circuits and systems, including mathematical modellingembedded computing, control systems, neuromorphic engineering and microfluidics


Dr. Elishai Ezra Tsur, Founding Director

Elishai is the principle investigator of the Neuro & Biomorphic Engineering Lab (NBEL-lab.com) and an Assistant Professor at the Lev Academic Center in Jerusalem. In his research, Elishai study the realm of brain-inspired machines. He utilizes artificial brains to develop new frameworks for robotics and vision processing. Elishai is also the founding director of NBEL Innovation Workshops at Biohouse, Hadassah Medical Center - a design and engineering company which integrates computer-aided design, electrical and software engineering to develop novel medical solutions. Elishai is an academic consultant at the Weizmann Institute of Science for Computational Neuroscience and a university lecturer for artificial intelligence, mathematical modelling, software engineering and computational biology. He is a graduate of Singularity University (2012, NASA Ames Research Center, California), INK fellow (2013, India), INK Trailblazer (2014, USA), Aeroli.to speaker (2016, Brazil), and Dean fellow for Neuroscience (2018, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel). Elishai Holds degrees in Life sciences (B.Sc), Philosophy and History (B.A), Computer Science (M.Sc), Bioengineering (M.Sc, PhD) and Computational Neuroscience (Post Doc).


Tiferet Solomon, VP for Business Development

Tiferet is well established in the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Israel. The former director of the executive innovation and entrepreneurship program at the Business Administration School at the Hebrew University, and the Operations and Community manager prier to that. Before entering the Business arena, Tiferet was the campaign manager for the Head of Council in a local municipality, a professional assistant for two municipal council members in the coalition. and legislative aid for a member of Knesset. In addition she is a board member at El HaLev - The first women's martial arts orginization in Israel, the student council representative for Poli-Sci, a StandWithUs and TikvaFund Fellow, the director of the Jerusalem branch of Fuckup Nights, and a co-Director of 'Young Politicians' - an initiative that accords tools and strengthens young women interested in entering the political arena.


Jesús Hernández

Rendón, Bionic Engineer

Jesus graduated from the University of the State of Puebla, Mexico as a Bionic Engineer, specialising in electronics, biomechanics, pneumatics, biological sciences, and programming. Jesus is an expert in Computer Aided Design (SolidWorks, Fusion360, AutoCAD, Rhino) and he has vast experience in teaching and designing intricate biomedical products for the Mexican Red Cross and INAOE.


Tamara Pearlman Tsur, Community Reach Manager

Tamara is a Medical Student at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Hadassah Medical Center), with a BA in the PEP (Philosophy, Economics and Political Science) integrative program and an MA in Political Science, both from the Hebrew University (Mount Scopus).

Former Spokesperson and Head of Public Relations & Marketing for the Hebrew University Student Union; Communications Manager & Legislative Aide at the Knesset; Psychometric Instructor at High-Q & Kidum; GRE & GMAT Instructor at Yeda Plus; Emissary of the Jewish Agency to the United States (New York & University of Florida); Greenpeace DD (Direct Dialogue) Team Leader.