Medical Design

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NBEL Innovation Workshops is the first AUTODESK authorized training center and academic partner in Israel to offer professional training in medical design.

Located in Hadassah Medical Center, Jerusalem at the beautiful campus of BIOHOUSE


First module: 8 hours, 2 sessions

Essentials of Computer Aided Design (CAD) with Slicer3D, Meshmixer, and Fusion 360 for medical innovation

Explore theoretical fundamentals of Computer-Aided Design (CAD). Use Slicer3D, Autodesk Meshmixer, and Fusion 360 to create and modify a CAD for a medical device.

Second module: 20 hours, 5 sessions

Advanced CAD: Engineering and design skills for medical innovation

Assemble and manage complex medical assemblies, learn to understand basic static stress and shape optimization, study simulations, detail drawing, exploded view creation for manufacturing and machining techniques. Together we will overview various complex design topics, such as sculpted bodies, surfaces, renderings and visualisations.

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third module: 12 hours, 3 sessions

Design thinking and Project work 

Consider human factors, ergonomics, user-centered design methods and standards. Identify needs with medical professionals at the Hadassah Medical Center. Work closely with our mentors and instructors to create your final project.

For each module you will receive an official certification from Autodesk and NBEL.
Regular Courses will be delivered in Hebrew (course materials are in English) and in the evenings.
International courses will be delivered in English.

Audience: designers, engineers, and medical staff