NBEL provides expertise in the various fields of computer aided optimized design of circuits and systems, including mathematical modellingembedded computing, control systems, neuromorphic engineering and microfluidics


NBEL ventures are led by Dr. Elishai Ezra Tsur.
Elishai is an engineer with more than 14 years of experience working with state of the art technologies throughout the developmental process, from design to simulation, fabrication, evaluation, integration and automation.

Lecturer and a Research Fellow at the Weizmann Institute of Science for Computational Neuroscience; Principle investigator of the Neuro-Biomorphic Engineering Lab (NBEL-lab.com) at JCT; A university lecturer for artificial intelligence, mathematical modelling, software engineering and computational biology; and the founding director of the Trans-disciplinary Innovation Program at the Hebrew University. Graduate of Singularity University (2012, NASA Ames Research Center, California), INK fellow (2013, India), INK Trailblazer (2014, USA), Aeroli.to speaker (2016, Brazil), and Dean fellow for Neuroscience (2018, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel). Elishai Holds degrees in Life sciences (B.Sc), Philosophy and History (B.A), Computer Science (M.Sc), Bioengineering (M.Sc, PhD) and Computational Neuroscience (Post Doc).